Existence Exiled' is full of fist-pumping riffs, crisp solos and pummeling drums … and by traveling light and not overstaying their welcome, the album flies by, making it easy to digest and enjoy many times over … the professional, balanced production is just icing on the cake.”

— (Angry Metal Guy)

Existence Exiled' impresses from start to finish … a band which has all the weapons of imagination and craft to make a big impact.”

(Ringmaster Review)

When I heard them for the first time, they immediately stole my heart … the melodic and heavy riffs, the killer vocals … all these stuff will bring you the other dimension.”

— (MyTouche Blog)

... not many manage to carve out a space for themselves in my metal-loving heart quite like FROM ASHES REBORN did … attempts to find a new way to play technical Death, weaving a different pattern of notes that go beyond formulaic … refined, resplendent and emotionally hard-hitting. ”

(Metal Temple) 10/10

Mixed in amongst the thunderous drums, crushing riffs, menacing vocals (that are many layered in parts to bring in a whole new dimension) and stone heavy bass lines are some beautiful acoustic passages … a hint of Black Metal can shine through here and there in the guitar spectrum, and it is all the more spectacular for it’s inclusion! ”

(The Metal Wanderlust) 4/5

'Existence Exiled' is an intricate work of melody and darkness, producing powerful hits, one after the other.”

— (The Median Man)